06 Nov 2015, 21:09

Post surgery updates are harder to type

Laura and I have felt so much love from you all in the past few weeks. I want to thank everyone again for your support.

Surgery day was October 26th. As you may have read in Laura’s updates, it went quite well. The vast majority of the tumor was removed. However, there are some complications.

One of the first things I noticed the morning after surgery was that sensation in my right leg was significantly less than in my left. This makes walking a challenge. I also discovered that I have a harder time using my right hand. Both of these issues have improved significantly in the last week, but I still feel a long ways off of normal. Hopefully, this will continue to improve through therapy.

We met with the neurooncologist yesterday to discuss my prognosis. She confirmed that the tumor is cancerous, but slow-growing. While they were able to remove much of it, they couldn’t safely get it all. For now, she recommended monitoring it with an MRI every few months. In the coming years, chemotherapy may be necessary, but it is very hard to know much at this point.

Thank you so much for all of your support. These days texting and typing is extremely difficult and time consuming for me, so I appreciate everyone’s patience in that regard. I do love hearing from you even though I’m unlikely to respond.

I’ll (with a great deal of Laura’s help) post more updates here in the coming weeks as I have time and energy. Thanks everyone!